Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's not easy being green

The other day while looking up dessert recipes online I came across the following review for "Frog Cupcakes":

The Frog Cupcakes were a huge hit at my 2 year old son's birthday...the kids loved eating the face off & really enjoyed the eyes!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh... NOOOOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Viktor Sjöberg said...

While researching a recent beer I came upon the phenomenon of "turtle candy". Do you know anything about this?! It seems to have something to do with Christmas!

Julia said...

Was someone recommending that you eat turtle candy while drinking a certain beer? Or was the beer described as tasting like turtle candy? Please advise.

Viktor Sjöberg said...

It was this, very pretentious beer:

What I gather is that it draws the inspiration from "turtle candy" by using cocoa nibs and roasted pecans...

Have you ever had turtle candy?

Do you like it?

Julia said...

I've had them. They are very chewy. Very caramelly. They kind of taste like Milk Duds, which I love, but then they go and add pecans. Gilding the lily I say. Not sure I would want my beer to taste like either of the above.