Sunday, November 27, 2011

soothing sounds of the sixties

This song has been in my head for days. An oldie, but goldie.


My whole family is thankful my dad is alive one year after having grueling experimental surgery. Last year's Thanksgiving was a zombie show. This year everyone was cheery and being their funny selves while my dad ran circles around us, building fires, eating like a champ, and watching football—he even went to a Northwestern football game. He also pretty much threw a pick on me and stole my breakfast when he mistook a dish of oatmeal for stuffing.

My mom and I took a long walk and passed by the zoo where some wolves were singing their song.

Later my mom encouraged me to go through some file boxes. I did a half-baked job of refining the metamorphic pile of binders, papers, and programs, and a bang-up job of photographing some greatest archival hits.

A selection of reading material:

A still life:

And a few highlights from my eraser collection:

Tip of the iceberg. My poor parents. Housing all this crap for their adult daughter. I am thankful for their lenient storage policies. And for patiently encouraging me to travel to the beat of a different drum.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the two amigos

This evening I saw a screening of The Blues Brothers. So great to see it in the company of a totally appreciative and enthusiastic audience. The music is still completely fantastic and the whole film made me mighty homesick for sweet home Chicago. In other news, do I have a crush on the entire horn section and 1980 Dan Akryod, or what?

I also got to meet John Landis.

Nice deer-in-headlights look I have going. I definitely thought I was going to throw up from joy.

Tomorrow night I return to see Trading Places. Hope I can refrain from compulsively reciting every single line aloud like a big jerk.