Tuesday, May 18, 2010

birdie brain

You know what makes me happy? Walking the streets of New York and running into posters of the GreeNYC bird, leading his busy, conscientious life.

Sometimes he wears glasses and teaches.

Sometimes he demonstrates how to operate lamps.

Sometimes he grooms by the glow of a sensible light fixture for a night out on the town.

Sometimes he's a model.

Sometimes he's just simply at attention like the Queen's Guard, standing by his message.


His 1970's-style spare collagey body and his succinct directives ensure that he's never too flashy and always on point. Nerd Bird just wants you to give a hoot about energy conservation. Plain and simple.

Hey, if it involves a smart, adorable, green animal with big ideas, I'm listening. His command is my command.

This one's unfortunate, but noble:

NB will take one for the team if it's for the greater good.

I do, however, have a complaint about his initiative's name. While "GreeNYC" is an obvious and convenient mash-up of message and demographic, it's a completely clumsy presentation of upper and lower case letters, and, frankly, unpronounceable (Gree NYC? Green-Y-C?) While Nerd Bird's wearing spectacles and packing chalk, maybe he can shuffle over to that name and organize that mess as well.

This just in: Holy mackerel. I just found the real show-stopper:


If they are hiring, I'm in. I will deliver the bird's good word!


Neil C said...


Julia said...

maybe i should clear all my previous entries and post only that clip. i think it says everything I want to say.

Tommy said...

Know what would make me happy? A picture of Julia in one of these genius creations:


dave said...

I love that you've created a whole world for Nerd Bird. I wonder what practical and energy saving things he does when he's out for a night on the town?

Julia said...

dave: whatever he does, he keeps it classy. i can only assume that means picnics in the park by candle light. wearing top hats made from recycled top hats. etc.