Thursday, February 18, 2010

ice ice baby

Tonight while watching the Winter Olympics, I told a friend that if I were a men's figure skater I would dress up like a member of the Na'vi tribe from Avatar and dance to a Celine/Enya/Enigma medley. I really would.

Alternatively, if I needed a back up plan, I would also consider dressing up like the Kool Aid man. And balletically, emotionally skate to a weepy classical piece. Or bounce around to a 1920's Charleston number? I'm torn. Please advise.


currituckco said...

Tommy said...

My two cents:

I think you would look really cool dressed up as a Na'vi tribe skater. Bouncing around to a Charleston number dressed up as a Kool Aid man, you would look a little ... eerrh ... well ... crazy?

So, definitely go for the Kool Aid costume.

Gaga said...

Can you please dress up as a Palestinian dressed up as a Na'vi and skate to the score to Schindler's List?