Tuesday, July 7, 2009

spider stuntman

Did anyone else happen to read article titled "Spider builds life-sized decoys" on BBC Earth news yesterday?

Well I did. Guess what? As BBC succinctly explains, "There is a species of spider that builds models of itself, which it uses as decoys to distract predators." Do you see that photo I posted? Does anyone else find this MIND BLOWING?

I mean, I tried doing something along these lines at sleep away camp when we were all "going raiding", but let's be clear, I just jammed some clothes and my stuffed animal cow Moolia under the covers and called it a night. These spiders are tiny little perfectionist artists.

All that said, let's talk. That guy and his mimeo don't look a lot like spiders. They kind of look like teeny spooky headdresses. But who am I to judge? Apparently everything looks kosher enough to throw off nature and any of its spider preying nosy parkers and ne'er-do-wells.

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