Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Feels like the first time

This is a day of firsts.

My first blog post.

The first day our new record is available in stores.

The first time I've consumed appreciably more than a single cup of coffee at breakfast—rendering my eyes pinwheeling and my words spilling out like confetti.


This evening will mark the first time Gary Olson, Jeff Baron, Sasha Bell, Kyle Forester, Mike Fadem, and I will perform together as a group in celebration of our beloved friend San Fadyl.

One European tour, San brought a 'Best of Foreigner' album in his Santa-sized satchel of cassettes. Feels like I ought to bookend this post with more Foreigner. Ergo, here are some closing thoughts in honor of my better rhythm section half:

I would climb any mountain
Sail across a stormy sea
If that's what it takes me baby
To show you how much you mean to me
And I guess it's just the woman in you
[Ed. note: San was often mistaken, to his delight, for a beautiful woman]
That brings out the man in me
I know I can't help myself
You're all in the world to me


krucoff said...

Wish I didn't miss the show last night. Have a great tour/summer. Don't accept any Russian nickels from strangers, unless they first challenge you to a staring contest. And then, only if you blink first.

iced coffee & bagel with tofu cream cheese lover said...

i had two double espressos (so far) today and thought of you.